Katie Maloney Updates Living Room Decor: Photo & Details | Style & Living

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The Vanderpump Rules cast member revealed the "slightly [different]" room in her Los Angeles apartment.  Glass Decor

Katie Maloney Updates Living Room Decor: Photo & Details | Style & Living

Katie Maloney moved into her current Los Angeles home in 2022 and quickly decked it with disco balls. The Vanderpump Rules cast member didn't stop her decorating there. Over time, she's continued to make her abode more homey, vibey, and personalized. As she revealed in a recent Instagram post, her living room is looking "slightly diff" these days.  

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 “I love living alone because I get to decorate my own apartment however I want,” Katie told in a February video shared on Twitter. “It’s like art deco feminine chic, and I love it. I get a lot of compliments on it.” It's easy to see why: In the clip above, the Something About Her co-owner walks through her home. 

When she gets to her loungey space, Katie explains: "This is my living room, which is the best room. It's cozy, it has good vibes. I had a vision for this room before I moved here." She continues: "I got my couch before I moved out of my [fomer] house, and it sat in the front room [until I moved.]"

A media wall was also part of Katie's vision, and she put a little craftsmanship into making it happen. "I had the bookshelves for years," she says, gesturing to her white fixtures. "[I] bought doors, put them on there, painted everything one color." 

In a September 26 Instagram Story, Katie said: "Raise your hand if you've ever changed out a rug without having to move the couch, just by lifting the corners of it." Raising her own hand, she announced: "Me. I might've wrecked my back, but I feel so accomplished." 

In her next Story, the Something About Her co-owner showed off her space. In the caption, she wrote: "Same same but a slightly diff [...] whatever." The photo showed the space looking as cozy as ever, with a black-and-white checked rug, Katie's vintage couch, and lush, decorative plants. 

Shortly after she moved into her home, Katie explained on an episode of her You’re Gonna Love Me podcast how excited she was to create her “own little sanctuary.” She gushed: “I’ve been having fun sort of planning what I want it to look like, what I want the vibes to be.”  

Katie's living room isn't the only good-vibes-emitting room in her home. In the video above, she shows off her "totally tranquil” bedroom, which is decorated in white and pink hues with a subtle pop of leopard print. “I love it. It’s cozy,” Katie says. 

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Katie Maloney Updates Living Room Decor: Photo & Details | Style & Living

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